PhotoNeg : Commercial, Wedding Photography, Personal Photographer, York, Wakefield, Leeds UK
Photography by Mark Rowbottom
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PR Photography

The value of a professional photograph or set of images to promote your story cannot be overestimated.

Linking the picture to your written PR material making it both attractive and relevant, requires skill and commercial experience.

Furthermore, newsworthy photos need to remain simple and effective.

My extensive catalogue of returning PR clients includes household names and smaller local businesses.

Booking is easy, call me on 01924 264 725

And we can arrange for me to :-

  • be present at your event, exhibition or party
  • create photographs of your product launch
  • visit your office or workplace
  • attend your manufacturing or outdoor premises

Let photoneg enhance your latest story.

Using photographs will gain you coverage and help promote your objective.

We can provide high resolution images in the format which editors expect or low resolution images for your website.