Wedding Photography Through the Ages!

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Having, let’s say, quite a few years’ experience in wedding photography, I think it’s fair to note that I have seen some changes during that time.

walton-hall-wakefieldAdapting to these changes is one of the things that make a career interesting, as well as being essential for keeping brides and grooms happy with the results.

Ultimately, I need to be sure that the couple’s special day is recorded in the way they desire and want to share. Bring the service up to date has brought me to produce a new set of Wedding Day Packages.

Looking forward also led me to a little retrospection as to what has changed over time.

How Wedding Photography Has Developed

Long before I picked up a camera, black and white wedding photographs of old were very staged. The bride was usually seated, with her man standing behind. These are often the photos which have been handed down, although names and dates may have been lost.

Mainly formal groups continued to be the norm, with a maximum of only twenty making it past the dark room into mounted albums.

When I started out, the value of hiring a professional to capture groups properly, was clear. The skill was not only to choose the right exposure, shutter speed and background, but of equal importance was organising the groups and getting those involved to relax.


Professional wedding photography nowadays has been heavily influenced by videography and easy access to digital devices. The fashion today is generally informal mixed with traditional arranged groups. As has always been the case, someone (the official photographer) needs to position where and when mum, dad, siblings, close cousins, friends, ushers and others should be, to create a lasting composition.

Digital advances have led to the biggest change in sharing photographs. Many newly-weds just want downloadable images or pick an album with a creative page layout.


Choose ‘Something New’

Recently Photoneg has evolved again to develop the new packages, whilst, naturally, maintaining a high standard of photography. Take a look at these on the Photoneg website.

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